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Our goal is to make you well! Please provide feedback to let us know what’s working, and where we can improve. Read the MCHWC Grievance Policy.

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Grievance Procedure

  1. Any complaint received from a patient while in the office or after discharge will be forwarded to the Medical Director and/or the Chief Executive Officer.
  2. Complaints received via telephone will be transferred to the Medical Director and/or the Chief Executive Officer.
  3. The Medical Director and/or Chief Executive Officer are responsible for following up on all patient complaints and providing feedback to the patient, physician and health plan, if applicable.
  4. The Medical Director and/or the Chief Executive Officer retain final responsibility for resolution of all patient
  5. A record of the complaint, investigation, follow-up action, and response to the patient will be kept using the Patient Complaint Report.
  6. Patient Complaints will be trended for quality management purposes.
  7. If the patient is not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint he/she will be informed that they may appeal the decision directly to the Board President and Board of Directors for a final decision.
  8. The Patient/ Family may contact the Chief Executive Officer any time, at the address below, to register a complaint. This will in no way compromise the care the patient receives.


For questions or concerns, please contact:

Harold Wallace, MPH
Marin City Health and Wellness Center
630 Drake Avenue
Marin City, California 94965
Phone (415) 339-8813