Celebrating Nurses Week, May 6-12th


Every day, more than 4 million nurses work tirelessly in communities across the country to provide expert and compassionate care for patients in-need of their assistance. The vital role our nurses take on has been showcased continuously throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and their bravery is a testament to their resilience and commitment to serve others. Their sacrifice is deserving of the gratitude of the entire country this National Nurses Week, and beyond.

We also know that building trusting relationships is a key part of being a nurse.  Nurses often develop a keen understanding of a patient’s particular health needs and these relationships can often lead to better health outcomes for the patient. Additionally, Nurses play a vital role in supporting families with guidance, reassurance and education which strengthens the role of the family in supporting their loved one. We can all remember a time a nurse has helped care for a loved one when they needed it most.

This week, Marin City Health and Wellness Center acknowledges the incredible contributions of our nurses and we take this week to shine a light on their achievements in the medical field.  The American Nurses Association selected “Nurses Make a Difference” as this year’s theme to honor the various roles nurses play within every healthcare setting as they ensure all have access to high quality care. Thank you to all the nurses for keeping up safe and for being a guiding light for patients and families.

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